28 June 2008


Before I'll occupy my time investigating about a strange conspiracy, I find to be a good training to investigate about nuclear plan in Italy.

Stated at "La Repubblica", 2008 March 17, Edison group has a ready-to-start nuclear plane, within the aim to reduce CO2 emissions to join UE directives. Now The Edison group is a corporation with participation from Italy and France holding and financial groups. Till 2008 March 17, Edison's shareholder are :
  - EDF 19,4%
  - Transalpina di Energia Srl 61,3%
  - Carlo Tassara Spa 10%
  - other/minor 9,3%

The Carlo Tassara Spa, was in the beginning a steel industry (1865), became a holding in the late '70 (1979), controlling Montedison at the beginning of the new millenium (2001).

Actually Carlo Tassara Spa participate in :
  - Mittel spa 20.119% :: holding dealing with private equity and estate investiments. It controlls : Mittel / Generale Investimenti Spa / Mittel Investimenti Immobiliari Srl / Mittel Partecipazioni Stabili Srl (the latest possessed participation in Banca Itesa)
  - Metalcam spa 48%
  - Mediobanca 2.206%
  - Assicurazioni Generali 2.273%
  - Intesa San Paolo 5.897%
  - Edison 11.094%
  - ASM Brescia 2.857%
  - UBI Banca 2.282%
  - Monte dei Paschi di Siena 2.002%
  - Telecom Italia 1,9%
  - VINCI 2% :: the world's leader group in construction

Since the major Edison's partner, Transalpina di Energia Srl (61%), is controlled by √Člectricit√© de France (EDF) and Delmi and since participations in Delmi are:
  - A2A 51% :: Milan and Brescia multiutility
  - Enia 15% :: Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia multiutility
  - Sel 10% :: Bolzano multiutility
  - Dolomiti Energia :: Trento multiutility
  - Mediobanca 6%
  - Cassa di Risparmio di Torino 5%
  - Banca Popolare di Milano 3%

Mediobanca recurses and inside its shareholder we find
  - Unicredit Banca 9%
  - Carlo Tassara Spa 2%
  - Mediolanum 3%
  - Fininvest group 2% - Berlusconi's family
  - Benetton group 2% - Benetton's tamily
Fininvest posses 35.130% of Mediolanum and it is at the edge of its administration.

Till now, maybe that the president of Italian parliament Berlusconi has some economical interests in the italian nuclear plane. Don't you think?

Good luck.

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