23 June 2008


According to those theorizations which wants the existence of a plane of global enslavement, acting through the media washing-machine for your brain, wikipedia possesses the requirements to be the tool to make human stupid.

Think about this, whenever you want enter rapid and short knowledge, you will use super wiki... she's a small wonder!!! Wiki is a referee-free public review, everyone can write what's in his opinion, it is intelligible (equals no culture required, no knowledge required, no historical hints required... so I would become a nazi, all I have to do is to open wiki and digit Hitler), istitutions and authorities acknowledge its value by means of poor limbs of information, nobody calls it into question. Wiki is becoming bit-to-bit the global knowledge.

"State Denies Knowledge", "Economy Denies Knowledge", "Everything Denies Knowledge" it was persuading me by means of a reflection about basic school's teaching in my country. 15 years ago, I found teaching spare, flowery, dogmatic, partisan and letting us think about a plane. A strange plane acting through sloth. I found that it was slothing us.
Genius, what's the meaning of genius. Now you become a genius when your behavior become perfect inside the rules they told you. When you have a A++ to your evaluation. When you say the words making anyone clapping you happy. But you, genius, don't think about what you certainly reed - "He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future." - at the day of today, you don't think about it as it seems a prophecy by Orwell. You don't kick all this, cause they set you happy. When you speak about anything in your work you use that distance letting you feel free from guilt. So if you work for a corporate, then it never mind this corporate acts pork-barrely. Never mind! You just think about your genius, conscious you absorb all your knowledge by the corporate and you'll never come back. Get a life... he is really a genius!!!

Wiki controls the present, so it controls the past in that way I said. Ergo, the word to the wise is clear. The high risk comes from the fact began through tv, about the knowledge by use of spot. O'er the culture, man is a knowledge absorber, so if your known is imperfect, not correct and false you never will be able to invert the process, becoming same as your knowledge. Trace the truth becomes an hard task and since truth makes you free, you'll never be free.
And when a man can not feel himself free, he is a slave. If all human can't feel free, they are globally enslaved. Simple equation, right the consequence... Don't you think!?!?

Big brother is glad to see youuu...
so am I!!!

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