21 June 2008


Another time aStrangeRing is changing skin. The blog which first was a blog about Physics, then the blog of my band Spjral, now become my homepage. There are simple reasons to that: I haven't time to spend to manage different sites, at this I'm creating this one and the Spjral band WebDom; I'd like expand my reflections to something over the Physics. Every change is a regeneration, sincerely hoping this is the final cut of the opera.

This evening I've watched an interesting documentary about the power of the bank... great way to pass Friday night... don't you think??? Well, missing out the fact it is in the same context at the end criticized, I've found it very very interesting. I don't believe it will happen as soon as possible, neither I think that the final stage of the evil plane will succeed, cause the story is always the same. One nation or Govern or King or other will decide to be the one in the known world and then empire falls. It happened for all the empires of the story. So I don't care about it. Next days I'll replay the video looking for some ideas... so now why don't you watch it???

It's just a ride...

Good luck!

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